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Button Design Contest by KayPikeFashion Button Design Contest by KayPikeFashion
"Button Design Contest"
#1)Download This contest entry form, your subission must be on this form!
#2)Design a button family Similar to one of these guys
A main big button with three small buttons that are of a single theme.

-Show it In both large and actual size on form
-Show in Full colour
-Keep Contest Rules in Mind

#3)Post a link to your completed entry IN THE COLLECTION'S COMMENTS
-Please submit to Deviant Art on the 900x900 entry form
-Post a link to my page, or this contest somewhere in your description
-The more attention your entry gets the better, please submit your entry to appropriate groups. Submissions in scraps will not win.



A Custom Button Family I will design a button family based off of the sumbitted design and send it to you. (this is not a drawing contest, but an effort and idea contest)

If there is more than one really great button family There may be more then one winner! Number of winners depends on number of entrants as well!

Contest Closes Febuary 25th 2012


We are trying to learn what people like! Feel free to change any of our own button family themes too.
This is mainly design/layout/popular idea contest~ Quality of drawing does not matter a fig...How much attention your entry gets usually does tho~

1. All designs must be based on public domain ideas or owned by you to be valid for entry.
2. By submitting any design you give us permission to make, alter, reproduce, sell, in any form whatsoever, digital or physical artwork based off the design.
3. Copyright for the design is retained by the submitter.
4. Enter often! Enter as many times as you want
5. Tell your friends!
6. Keep content rated T for teen. lols are good but we cant be too amture or offensive!
7. No drama allowed. As it says in our FAQ/TOS: [link] , If you contact us and are aggressive, fussy, demanding, or otherwise unpleasent we will not be very interested in responding.
8. All points in our FAQ/TOS are to be observed for this contest. [link]
9. If you want to submit an entry (ie. an onigiri button) and someone else has already submitted something similar, go ahead, the winner between the two will be the best design, dosent have to be the most creative.
11. If postage goes above the average $10 then we will need you to cover the difference.

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January 21, 2012
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